November 11, 2009


Hi, I’m Joyce. I have been married for 29 years to Keith, and we have 5 children and a daughter-in-law ranging in age from 26 to 15. The youngest are twins. I also have a wonderful new grandson. I work part-time doing Youth Ministry and have started back to school to work on my Master’s degree.

I have been quilting for about 14 years, and have mostly made memory quilts. My favorite was the one I made for my Mother-in-law’s birthday a few years ago. With the help of her sibs and kids, we gathered pictures from throughout her life. I embroidered a center ‘title’ square with her name and favorite flower. It was a full, bed-sized quilt. When she got it, they laid it out on the living room floor, and she and her sisters were crawling all over ooohing and ahhing over all the pictures and memories.

I came to the Twilight Series through my daughter. She had read the books for school and would suddenly read a line out loud or shout when something exciting happened. In March, I injured my knee and had to have surgery, so I read the books while I healed. I couldn’t get enough and was glad to find TwilightMoms , and, then, the Quilt for Stephenie Meyer thread. It has been so much fun to meet other creative and fun people who enjoy so many of the same things and work so well together.

I made the following squares for the SM quilt: Bella’s Truck, Bella’s Bracelet, Renesmee’s Locket, and The Other Jacob.

For the New Moon quilt, I made the top of the Meadow, Calendar months, and Bella’s Broken and Mended Heart.

For the Eclipse Quilt, I made the Penguins, Trip to Florida, High School Days, and Nature blocks.

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Olivia said...

Beautiful quilting--you should sell your patterns!