November 8, 2009

New Moon Quilt: The Movies

The Movies by Elizabeth

This little movie theater was such fun to put together. The black swirl and star fabric I used as the sky came from Joyce. She sent it to me when we were trying to find a match to the black fabric we used in the Stephenie Meyer quilt for the quilt back. I love the marquee on top of the building and wanted it to look like a neon sign. I used Fairy Frost fabric, a favorite of mine. The colors are (from outside to center) Lipstick, Lily Pad, Violet and the center post is glow-in-the-dark Fairy Frost. I looks so cool; I wish I could show a picture of it. I also used Banana Fairy Frost for the doors and ticket window. I did hand embroidery for the "CINEMA," "TICKETS," the door handles and the little ticket window 'talk' and 'pay' places.

Here are close-ups of the posters:

I Googled images for the posters. I know that Tomorrow & Forever is a romantic comedy, but I have this image of a windswept embrace in my head and this picture fit so well. I suppose that is one reason why books are better than movies -- we all have our own perceptions. I used Microsoft Paint and PictureProject programs to combine the frame with lights with the pictures and add in the movie titles and "Now Showing." I printed them out on printable fabric sheets and then treated them so that they are washable.

This block was a lot of fun to put together. It is paper piecing, so it took me about 4 hours (you're probably thinking, "boy she's slow!" I'm thinking the same thing!). I had a second piece of glow-in-the-dark Fairy Frost across the top of the building but it made it look like the top didn't belong to the bottom. I took it apart and put in a new section with bricks and brown trim to bring the top and bottom two pieces together. Embroidery took me about 4 hours (yes, I'm really slow!).

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Cathie in UT said...

Love your block and I can see this coming from the book...not the movie which is "right" to me!