October 12, 2009

Two Months Later.....Visit to the Stephenie Meyer Quilt

Hey everyone. In light of the fact that our fabulous quilt Piece, Love, Twilight will be displayed at the Pacific International Quilt Festival this coming weekend, I thought I should FINALLY post pictures from the last Quilt show it was in!

I am too lazy to write too much details, but my original writeup from that weekend is on the New Moon Charity Quilt thread on TM's...Day 1 and Day 2. Elizabeth added some details here.

First day visiting our quilt. L to R: Vivian, Shannon, Elizabeth, Iris

Second day visiting our quilt. L to R: Wanda, Shannon, Elizabeth, Iris

Interesting that we posed in the same spot both days!

Here is a slideshow of quits at the show:

I believe there were 99 quilts or so, I took pictures of our favorites. My absolute favorite (besides ours quilt of course ;) ) was #1 with the tree in the foreground and farmhouse in the distance. I absolutely LOVE seeing bare tree silhouettes, like when people wrap string lights around them up to the individual branches....there's something about trees that is just striking to me. I want to make a quilt like this someday.....

#26 with the two deer and waterfall is my second favorite for it's technique and complex layering. I took closeups of the details. Looks like the quilter fused snippets of fabric layered on top of each other for those wonderful fall leaves....again, striking!

And if you can keep count, Elizabeth's own quilt is #10! It's the Gorgeous bright multicolored dragonflies on cream background. I added a closeup of it so you (hopefully) can see the cool detail - she used a fabric folding (right?) technique to make the dragonflies and pinwheels 3D! Another cool idea I'm going to have to steal, er, I mean borrow!

And finally here is a slideshow of Salt Lake City highlights:

Let's see how good my memory is....first is a photo I took from plane of the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, largest in world and 2nd thing you can see with naked eye from space...second the Great Salt Lake....then the Temple and several shots of beautiful Temple gardens....exterior, interior, and roof view of Conference Center that seats 21,000 people (pictures just don't show how supermassive it is in there!).....and Tabernacle with that neat roof....and the North Visitor's Center that has a neat room you walk up a stairway and the whole thing has a breathtaking celestial mural.

Well, I had alot of fun on that trip, loved meeting you gals, and hope we can have more get-togethers in the future!