April 24, 2010

Eclipse Charity Quilt: High School Days

High School Days by Joyce
"Hey, Edward. Ditching, Bella?" [Emmett] grinned at me.
"We both are," Edward reminded him.
Emmett laughed. "Yes, but it's her first time through high school. She might miss something."
-Eclipse, page 283

Since high school plays such an important role in the books, we wanted it represented in this quilt. I started with a sketch of my design.  Then I went to fabrics and details.  I had this beautiful leaf fabric that really said 'Forks' to me, so used it as a background. I used Printmaster to create the book covers and poster and printed them on printable fabric. I had planned to put cover art on the books, but it just looked too busy.

For the high school sign, I framed the yellow fabric with the brown. After trying a variety of things, I decided to write Forks High School with fabric marker.

The center is three sections. The top is just the green fabric. The second is the sign. The third is the green bordered with the brown 'legs'. I attached them together, then added the left and right sides.

I attached the books with Steam-A-Seam 2 Lite (thank you, Iris, for sharing this with me. I couldn't live without it now!), then satin stitched around the book covers and binding to give it a little more detail and make the books look used.

I put the 'Save the Olympic Wolf' poster on the sign leg as if it had been blown there by the wind. It is supposed to look weathered and old.


Elizabeth said...

Joyce, love your fabrics! The green really is 'Forks.' The books look amazing. This block turned out really nicely!

wanda said...

Joyce, I LOVE the block! I like the books and what you did with the flyer. You are thoughtfully creative!