November 8, 2009

New Moon Quilt: Jacob's Sun

Jacob's Sun by Elizabeth

Jacob's Sun was a fun block to make. I wanted it to be a representation of the healing Bella was able to do with Jacob. I drew out a fun, scrappy sun and added in the soda cans. I don't think there was a specific reference to what kind of warm soda Jacob brought to the garage, but I pictured root beer or a Coke. I went with a generic label on the red can (red coordinated really well with the yellow and blue). This block is all needle turn applique' with embroidery. It was a lot of fun to do. I patched together some different yellows for the sun, which was really fun (I'm going to make a crazy quilt with scraps some time). I embroidered "like an earthbound sun" in Bella's font (as close as I could get to it with a needle and thread) on the edge of the sun. I wanted it to be very subtle, so I used yellow floss. I hope it works. Hmm, what else? I wanted the background to look a little sunny because everything except Jacob is "cloudy" in New Moon.

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