November 8, 2009

New Moon Quilt: The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack by Elizabeth
Jacob (russet), Paul (dark silver), Sam (black), Embry (gray w/spots), Jared (medium brown)

This block is part of a larger block, The Dangerous Meadow. Originally we had planned to put most of the wolves in the sashing around the meadow. But when we drew up the new layout, we decided to keep all the elements inside the blocks. Joyce and I combined efforts to put this block together and you'll get to see her part of the block soon. I used Cat's Paw Print pattern reduced to 43%. Each paw is roughly 1-5/8" x 1-3/4". The claws are hand-done with a satin stitch and embroidery floss. I spent about 16 or 17 hours putting them together. I love the way the subtle, end-of-winter yellow-green background sets off the colors of the wolf paws. I put the wolves in an off-set V formation, as described in the book. As I read the part where they enter the meadow, I wrote it down as I pictured it in my head. Jacob is kind of hanging back, looking at Bella. I also did left and right pawed wolves, depending on which side of the formation they were in. My family says I'm a little obsessed.

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