November 12, 2009

New Moon Quilt: Less is More

I didn't think it was possible, but Angie has outdone herself, yet again! Here are the most recent blocks she's finished quilting, with a word from her on each one.

Iris' Flight Home block
I have been avoiding doing Iris's blocks....they are just so great and detailed. I was afraid I was going to do something to mess that up or take away from it or something. So I dediced less was more. I just highligted the trees and clouds. I am kind of taking the same approach on the 'As if I Never Existed' block.

I wanted to keep the colors from the ribbons and just accent.

Elizabeth's Motorcycles block
Again...less is more on this one too...there is such amazing embroidery on this one, I wanted that to be what you see. So I accented the trees and the large tires on the bikes. I may do alittle more if time permits.

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