November 12, 2009

New Moon Quilt: Getting Closer

Angie is keeping us well updated with her progress in getting the quilt finished. Her update this afternoon was, I think I only have the cake and paws left to do. Then the sashing.

Here are the latest blocks she's finished. This is the last page of Joyce's Calendar block, the only part of it that is attached on all four sides and needs quilting. The October, November and December pages flip up, adding a great 3-D effect to the quilt. Angie quilted in some beautiful snowflakes to accent this page.

Elizabeth's Proposal block. Angie quilted in a swirl pattern than mimics the black background fabric in this block. It is difficult to get a good photograph of the black fabric, so there is a sample of it under the block. This is the same black fabric that was used in the Stephenie Meyer quilt.

Elizabeth's Jacob's Sun block with rays quilted in.

Angie's Meteor block with an amazing star pattern quilted in.

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