November 8, 2009

New Moon Quilt: Dangerous Meadow

The Dangerous Meadow by Joyce

here is the top of the meadow block. I used Susan C. Druding's Fall Scene free applique block, a picture, and the nordic pine at as inspiration.

I had originally planned to have the block kind of drab and dreary 'just coming into spring' beiges, but, like I said on the calendar post, Forks is GREEN. (I know the books say that all the time, but it really seems to be true the whole year.)

In Twilight, the meadow is a magical place where Edward and Bella end up declaring their love for each other. In New Moon, Bella is searching for the meadow to recapture that magic, but finds the opposite. Not only is the magic gone, but danger has arrived. I wanted the feel to be somewhat cold and stark. The trees are bare, and there is not a clear way out. (Actually, I thought I was done, but there was a clear path of escape, so I added more trees! )

The bare trees were cut out and appliqued. I did use a bonding like Steam a Seam, but I've had it so long, it is no longer in a package, so I don't know the name. It was really easy, though - just cut to size, place, and iron.

The Pine Trees were based on the Nordic pine. Instead of using their pattern directly, I just drew and cut out the trees in the sizes needed, then made the trees by paper piecing the triangles and trimming. I folded the edges under and sewed onto the block. I made the trunks separately. I actually ended up with more trees of both kinds than I could use.

Take a look at it with the bottom attached. I think it looks amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Joyce, the meadow is great! I love all the different textures in the trees! You did an excellent job!