These are some of the patterns we've used in our quilts.

Stephenie Meyer Quilt
Broken Petals by Catherine Magraith
Charm Bracelet by Catherine Magraith
Crystal Ball by Jennifer Ofenstein
Edward & Bella's Wedding Dance Part 1 and Part 2 by Liz Schwartz & Stephen Seifert
Forbidden Fruit by Catherine Magraith
Grizzly Bear by Linda Hibbert of Silver Linings Originals
Lamb Pattern by Four Twin Sisters
LaPush: First Beach by Catherine Magraith
Howling Wolf by Jennifer Ofenstein
Paw Print by Catherine Magraith
Quill by Jennifer Ofenstein
Roaring Lion by Linda Hibbert of Silver Linings Originals
Two-Tone Star by Jennifer Ofenstein
Vampire Baseball by Elizabeth

New Moon Quilt
Carlson Pine by Patrice Trnka Adams
Handprint by Jennifer Ofenstein
Heart & Rose by Bobbie Osborne
Shooting Star by Catherine Magraith
Small Tree by Linda Causee
Telephone by Linda Causee
Walk in the Woods by Linda Hibbert of Silver Linings Originals

Eclipse Quilt
Airplane by Linda Worland
Broken Heart by Jennifer Ofenstein
Charm Bracelet by Catherine Magraith
Gaunt's Ring by Michelle Thompson
Graduation from Forks High School by Catherine Magraith and Elizabeth
Harry's Bed by Jennifer Ofenstein
The Meadow by Catherine Magraith
Rosebud by Catherine Magraith
Sugarloaf Campground by Quiltmaker
Swiss Shield by Catherine Magraith

Cat's Twilight Block of the Month
1 Forbidden Fruit
2 Forks Badge
3 Broken Petals
4 Diamond Heart
5 Charm Bracelet
6 Wolf
The Meadow
8 Swiss Shield
9 Paw Print
10 Torn Ribbon
11 LaPush: First Beach
12 White Queen
Bonus: Cullen Crest

1 Apple
2 Sheriff's Star
3 Parrot Tulip
4 Edward's Heart
5 Bella's Heart
6 Jacob's Heart
7 Topaz Eye
8 Switzerland
9 Paw Print
10 Red Ribbon
11 The Forest
12 Chess Board
Bonus: Fangs
Beginner Blocks Layout

Apple by Jennifer Ofenstein
Charlie's House by Elizabeth
Jacob's House by Elizabeth
Lamb by Jennifer Ofenstein
Lion by Jennifer Ofenstein
Renesmee's Locket by Elizabeth