November 8, 2009

New Moon Quilt: Bella and Jacob's Motorcycles

Bella and Jacob's motorcycles by Elizabeth

You can't have New Moon without Bella and Jacob's Motorcycles. I used the bikes Stephenie Meyer posted in the Cullen Cars section of her website; a Harley Sprint for Jacob and a Honda for Bella. I printed the images out and then used a light table to trace them directly onto my block layout pattern. I used that pattern to create the individual pieces used in each motorcycle. I think I spent about 35 hours on this one little block. Each of the pieces was traced, cut out, fused into place and then hand stitched to keep them secure. A huge amount of work, but I like the end result. I'm going to be duplicating this block for my own Twilight Quilt; something to keep me busy during the long winter months.

The red fabric in Bella's Motorcycle is the same fabric I used for the borders in the Stephenie Meyer quilt. The pine needles, meant to be bracken on the forest floor, came from Wanda when I asked if she'd send me a bit of fabric she used in her Vampire Baseball block for Stephenie's quilt. She was sweet and sent along a few other nice green foresty fabrics. I added a hand-embroidered quote to this block. I used Bella's font for the quote, "Only a teenage boy would agree to this." I don't think that it worked out as well as it did on Jacob's Sun. I went with a lighter thread, which doesn't show as much as the slightly-darker-than-the-sun yellow thread I used on Jacob's block. The stitches are so small it would have been almost impossible to take them out and had I even had the desire to try it, I was crunched for time, finishing this at the last second.

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