November 8, 2009

New Moon Quilt: Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving by Angie

This is my cliff diving block. I felt this was a part of the story that had to be represented and it turns the tide of the story.

I used alot of random fabrics from my stash and yes of course some fairy frost (the blue water). Just love the stuff! :)

I know some people don't quite understand this block, but that is part of quilting, it is art and there for subjective to the artists vision...I thought about doing Bella more haphazard and sprawled out but once we started to draw it, this is how she came out. I wanted to capture the look of her falling but that it was still and intentional leap, not like she tripped. I also tried to capture the storm clouds moving in. I didn't want the whole background to be stormy but more like it was off in the distance and threating. That was what was making the water rough so I used organza fabric showing waves splashing against the rocks. Once it was all done, I still felt like there was an element missing and added the orange (Victoria, again off in the distance) as something abstract and not noticable unless you really knew the story.

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Anonymous said...

Angie, I love the color of the clouds. This block is a wonderful representation of Bella's cliff dive. You did a great job!