November 8, 2009

New Moon Quilt: The Phone Call

The Phone Call by Angie

I wanted to make a block that would portray that pivitol moment when Edward called and Jacob told him 'he is at the funeral.' A phone was pretty much the only way.

I used yellow and silver fairy frost on a white on white background.

This was my second attempt at paper peicing and well, it didn't go as well as planned. In fact the first one I made was terrible. I didn't know how to trim the seams on the back and it was just bad. I even realized after I made the pattern the second time that the pattern was numbered wrong and it left 2 of the seams open. So I decided to make it over again once I learned some new tricks and it came out much better (still not perfect, but better). This group may turn me into a paper piecer after all.

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