April 1, 2010

TQC Anniversary Giveaway Winner

Comments were closed last night and we've drawn a winner for our giveaway.
We drew the winner by hand. All the comments were printed out, cut apart into strips, folded and put in a big bowl. We really mixed them up and then Grasshopper, Elizabeth's son (who's home sick from school today) pulled out the winner. Our prize goes to Zarina:
The favourite tool will be have to be the rotary cutter. I still remember cutting those pieces by scissors eons ago - and those hexagons (which am working on now).
Congratulations Zarina!

Boring details, mostly for Zarina. You'll be receiving an e-mail shortly requesting your mailing information so we can send your prize to you. We put this giveaway together on-the-fly. It was very last minute and none of us live close to each other. We live scattered across the US, Canada and Australia.  So a few items for the prize have not arrived at 'prize central' yet. Your package will not be shipped until April 6th, which is only next Tuesday -- not so far away. Thanks for being patient with us. This is our first giveaway. We'll hopefully have it more 'together' the next time around.

We had lots of great comments and honestly wish that we could have picked you all to win our anniversary gift.  But since we can't, we thought we'd share with you instead few of our favorite comments from the giveaway.

Z Any Mouse:
My favorite quilting tool is the picture of shirtless Edward I have taped to my sewing machine (also named Edward), to give me incentive to quilt every day. It really works!
I'd use this fabric and the ruler (in a size I don't have) to make a block for a coworker who loves Twilight and vamps in general and also quilts. She has it pretty rough and it'd be nice to do something for her that I know she'd like.
I'm so glad a friend of mine convinced me to begin the series two years ago. I've read it 3 1/2 times since. I'd love to use this fabric to create a little something for her for introducing me to the books.
My favorite quilting tool is my imagination. I would be lost without it.
Favorite quilting tool: Porcupine quill. Yes, a porcupine quill is a must have to help guide small fabric pieces into your sewing machine to ensure even 1/4" stitching at starting point (and frequently finish).
*Sewed* your button on my sidebar! hehe xoxo
I can't believe I just now heard of this blog!
My favourite tool is the stitch ripper - especially on the days that I don't have to use it!
Welcome to all our new followers. We've got a project in the works that we're excited to show you over the next few weeks. A big thank you to all who entered and congratulations again to our winner, Zarina, who, by the way, lives in Malaysia!


whimsyfox said...

Woohoo our first giveaway has a winner! Congrats Zarina!

I have one more thing to add....overwhelmingly those rotary cutter and rulers are a favorite amongst us quilters. I can't even imagine having to have cut things out "by hand" with scissors. Thank you rotary cutter inventor!!!!


isa & marta said...

Felicitaciones a Zarina, tambien a ustedes por organizar este regalo, me encanto participar.
Puedes decirme donde se pueden comprar esas telas?Gracias

zarina said...

It was a joy to find her email in my mailbox on this when-every-thing-went-wrong-went-wrong Friday morning.

Iris said...

isa & marta: debajo de la photo de las telas esta el nobre de cada color escrito en blanco. toca "click" el nobre y te lleba a la tienda aqui en los estados unidos donde nosotros las hemos encontrado lo mas barato. Si no puede comprarlas de ayi, en el internet busca "fairy frost". Es una linea de telas por Michael Miller. Hasta las venden en ebay.

isa & marta said...

Gracias por tu amabilidad. Feliz Pascua.

Z Any Mouse said...

This was a lot of fun. Congrats to the winner, Zarina!

An extra bonus: Her name starts with Z!!