April 17, 2010

Eclipse Charity Quilt: Jasper

Jasper by Wanda
She took a step closer, and inclined her head as if she were going to kiss me. I stood frozen in place, though my instincts were screaming at me to run. -Jasper Hale, Eclipse, page 295

The Jasper block consists of a machine appliquéd state of Texas and a Confederate uniform. I chose the little star fabric for the "lone star state" and for the star that Jasper wears on his uniform as a Major in 1861. The uniform is machine appliqued as well with some straight stitching for sleeve embellishment and French knots for buttons. Just for fun and interest I might add that in the beginning I wasn't sure how to draw the uniform so I researched on line. Then one day as I looked at a sale ad for Macy's I saw a coat which made me think of the military uniform and that helped me with the lines! The background fabric is a Civil War reproduction print which represents the time frame of his story and the dress fabric for the women he was evacuating and for Maria who changed him.


[Editor's Note: Wanda did the most beautiful French knots for buttons on the coat. Click on the picture for a closer view.]


Elizabeth said...

Wanda, you did a great job! This is a great representation of Jasper's story.

Julie C. said...

I am not a quilter or Twilighter but Wanda is a good friend of mine and she is always talking about this web site and all the wonderful things you do. So I decided to take a look. Amazing stuff - all as a result of a book!!! I say that because I am an elementary school librarian and I work very hard everyday to interest children in reading and in finding books that will "hook" them on reading forever. See what books and a good story can do....bring all you wonderful people together who would have never known eachother otherwise and with the love of quilting too! Amazing! I love all your handiwork and creativity!

Anette said...

Wanda your talents amaze me! Everything with your touch is beautiful!

Mel said...

Julie is right! It is amazing that we all came together because of a book, and I feel blessed to have met you all!

Wanda... I have no words for how amazing those French Knots are. Whenever we get to meet, you have to show me how you make them so buttony! I love this block. It's a great design and the fabric choices are delicious!!! Great story about the Macy's coat; it's funny how we find inspiration in unexpected ways! And I simply ADORE the background fabric. First thing I thought of was making a dress out of it. ;) Fabulous work!

joyce said...

Beautiful! I love every part of it.

whimsyfox said...

You have a way with those french knots Wanda. You're going to have to show me how you made them swirl to look like buttons!