April 7, 2010

Eclipse Charity Quilt: Edward's Bedroom

Edward's Bedroom by Elizabeth

Edward's room was at the farthest end of the third floor hallway, hard to mistake even when the huge house had been less familiar. But when I switched the light on, I paused in confusion. Had I picked the wrong door?

Alice giggled.

It was the same room, I realized quickly; the furniture had just been rearranged. The couch was pushed to the north wall and the stereo shoved up against the vast shelves of CDs -- to make room for the colossal bed that now dominated the central space.

The southern wall of glass reflected the scene back like a mirror, making it look twice as bad.

It matched. The coverlet was a dull gold, just lighter than the walls; the frame was black, made of intricately patterned wrought iron. Sculpted metal roses wound in vines up the tall posts and formed a bowery lattice overhead.
-Bella Swan, Eclipse, page 150

The Twilight series of books are a far cry from a Harlequin romance novel, but things get a little steamy in Eclipse when Edward provides a bed for Bella to sleep in while he has his family hold her hostage when he is away on hunting trips. He returns early from a hunting trip and there is a lot of kissing. But that is as far as he lets it get. As a matter of fact, when Edward himself holds Bella hostage with the rest of his family away for the night, Bella tries to seduce Edward. Fortunately, Edward is a bizarrely moral vampire and insists that Bella marry him first.

I pause here to point out that this all sounds very silly when I talk about it. But Stephenie Meyer can tell quite a story. If you haven't, you ought to read it in her words.

I'm happy to report that I've finished the most difficult of the two blocks I signed up for for the Eclipse Charity Quilt. I think it came out pretty well. The pieces in the ring and the rose were so small and intricate that I'm going a little bit cross-eyed.  The ring represents Edward's eloquent proposal and the black rose on the floor represents the rose Edward broke off the bed frame and crushed to dust to show Bella just how fragile she is to him. For the bed frame, I used some of the black fabric that was left from the Stephenie Meyer quilt.  I thought that the swirls in the fabric would give the bed that sort of  'wrought iron appearance.'  I used shades of gold for the rest of the room.  The book describes the bed covers as just lighter than the walls, but I went with lighter walls to give the block a bit of contrast.  The fabric I used for the walls is absolutely gorgeous and feels so nice.  I combined three patterns, altering and resizing to get the final result.  I used Harry's Bed by Jennifer Ofenstein, Cat's Rosebud pattern, and Gaunt's Ring by Michelle Thompson.  All of these patterns are available at SewHooked.

I coveted you. I had no right to want you -- but I reached out and took you anyway. And now look what's become of you! Trying to seduce a vampire. -Edward Cullen, Eclipse, page 454

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