April 16, 2010

Eclipse Charity Quilt: Imprinting

Imprinting by Wanda
Sometimes ... we don't exactly know why ... we find our mates that way. I mean . . . our soul mates. -Jacob Black, Eclipse, page 122

This is a traditionally pieced love heart with a machine appliquéd paw print to show imprinting. The paw is a rough sketch (not exactly the same) of Cat's paper pieced paw pattern, which was used in our other quilts. I wanted the appliqué  to be similar to that, but felt the best way for me to achieve this was to appliqué it.



Anonymous said...

Cool block! You ladies are talented!

Elizabeth said...

Nice job, Wanda. I especially love the fabrics you used on the paw!

Mel said...

I thought from looking at the block quickly on TMs that is was paper pieced! This looks fabulous, Wanda! I love the leopard print for the paw. Very cool! Great job on the block! (and crazy applique skills! "Chapeau" to you!)