April 20, 2010

Eclipse Charity Quilt: Rosalie's Unhappy Ending

Rosalie's Unhappy Ending by Mel
Would you like to hear my story, Bella? It doesn't have a happy ending -- but which of ours does? If we had happy endings, we'd all be under gravestones now. -Rosalie Hale, Eclipse, page 154

Being a mommy of a toddler is fantastic. I find inspiration in my kid's toys, I swear it's true!!! That's where I found the inspiration for this block. My daughter has some cue cards, and one of them had a handheld mirror on it, one of those antique-looking, ornate ones. I thought right away of Rosalie (you know you're a Twilight fan when...) What I did was hand draw a template and then I imported it into my computer and used EQ5 to draw up a paper piecing pattern. I am proud to announce that this is my very first paper piecing pattern!

The mirror represents Rosalie's beauty and vanity. It is broken because in the end, her story is sad and her life gets shattered. I thought this was a great representation for her. I decided to use a gold-tone mirror, because I feel like Rosalie would not have anything silver, only gold. I originally had an ornate rose at the top, but it didn't look right. The background fabric is just some fabric I had bought and never used. I thought it fitted perfectly, as it looks really period-like. I used some fairy frost (courtesy of by Wanda!) for the mirror, and a sparkly black fabric for the broken piece. As a final touch, to make it more polished and rich looking, I added iron-on rhinestones on the mirror frame. So this is my interpretation of "Rosalie Unhappy Ending". Enjoy!!!



Elizabeth said...

Mel, the mirror is so pretty and I love the background fabric. Nice job!

Wanda said...

Mel, I love the mirror too and the story how you came up with the pattern! Really nice. Love the background fabric.

joyce said...

I was looking at this again today, and was struck again by how much this really captures Rosalie's story. Great job!