March 31, 2010

TQC Anniversary Giveaway Update

When we announced our giveaway last week, we mentioned that there might be a few more things included in the little prize. At the last minute, we wanted to update you with a few more 'for sure' items in the prize draw.

We are giving away to one lucky winner a 4" x 8" OmniGrid ruler, perfect for trimming all those Twilighty paper piecing patterns as you go. And a few of our favorite sparkly fabrics, because vampires sparkle and we quilt about vampires. Fabrics include a fat quarter each of white with iridescent sparkles (a favorite for Vampire skin), Hollyberry Fairy Frost (red with gold sparkles), Platinum Fairy Frost (silver with silver sparkles) and Diamond Fairy Frost (not shown, but for sure included, black with silver sparkles). We're also including two three-packs of Twilight Quilters Coven Quilt notecards, three each of the Stephenie Meyer Quilt and New Moon Charity Quilt. Lots of people have left comments that their seam ripper is their favorite tool (my favorite was followed by 'especially when I don't have to use it'), so we've added one of those in there -- because we're very familiar with that tool too! And the last thing added is a book hook, created with Twilight in mind. Each of the beads and element represents something or someone special from the series.

There are only a couple of hours left in the drawing. We'll close at midnight Mountain Daylight Time. To enter, read the rules and ENTER HERE!

Also, please note that the Diamond Fairy Frost had to be shipped from one side of the country to the other to make it to rest of the prize and although we'll be drawing tomorrow, we won't ship until April 6th.