June 29, 2009

A Trip Around the Stephenie Meyer Quilt

For your viewing pleasure here are close-ups of each individual block:

June 27, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Quilt: A Quilt Story

A couple of days ago Iris posted the announcement that the Stephenie Meyer Quilt which the Twilight Quilters Coven made was finished and on it's way to be quilted. I thought it was high time that a entry be published detailing how the quilt came to be.

At the beginning of April, the ladies that had been together at Twilight Moms supporting each other as they worked through the steps of the Twilight Mystery Quilt, started talking about how to fill their quilting time until the next steps were released since the quilt had been indeterminably delayed. We had all become good friends over the months despite none of us having ever met in person. We wanted to be able to continue to have something to work on together and chat about so as not to lose touch with each other.

In only a couple of days we had decided to make a quilt for Stephenie Meyer, designed the quilt, and organized into a quilter's coven. As quilters, we all thought what better way for us to show our love for Twilight and Stephenie Meyer than to make a quilt. We soon decided on our name through voting and the Twilight Quilters Coven was born!

We wanted all four of the books' iconic covers to be represented. Other blocks were suggested to represent characters and book events. A quote from each book would be chosen through a vote and used as cornerstones. We decided that a medallion-style quilt would best accomodate all of our needs.

Elizabeth graciously accepted leadership of our project and creatively organized all of our ideas into a quilt layout. She posted a dedicated thread at Twilight Moms for the quilt, drafted the quilt into a picture model, and set our deadline (roughly May 31st).

Elizabeth, Iris, Lisa, Liz, Jean, Jerri Lynn, Joyce, Shannon and Wanda would sew the blocks. All the blocks would be sent to Elizabeth and she would sew them all into the quilt top. The quilt would be quilted by a longarm quilter. Our goal would be to give it to Stephenie Meyer, hopefully personally.

We were fortunate that there were already some Twilight patterns available. Catherine Magraith had designed patterns for the Twilight Hands/Forbidden Fruit, Pawprint, and La Push Beach. The patterns are posted at Sewhooked under guest patterns. She granted permission for their use in our quilt and made a couple more unpublished Twilight patterns available to us: Bella's Truck, New Moon Parrot Tulips, and Bella's Bracelet. A Jennifer Ofenstein Sewhooked Twilight pattern was used for the Jacob Howling Wolf.

The rest of the blocks were either designed by the individual participants or modified from existing non-Twilight patterns to suit the quilt. Iris designed and constructed these blocks: The Meadow, Edward's Crystal Heart, Isle Esme/Feathers (using the Sewhooked Jennifer Ofenstein Quill pattern as it's foundation), Esme/Carlisle, and The Volturi: Clock Tower at Volterra. Jerri Lynn designed Charlie's block and machine embroidered the cornerstone book quotes. Elizabeth designed Vampire Baseball, Edward's Eyes, the Eclipse Ribbon, and the Breaking Dawn Chessboard. Wanda designed the Forks Trees. Joyce modified a pattern for Renesmee's Locket from a Shae Merritt Zelda Bomb pattern located at Sewhoooked. Shannon used a Jennifer Ofenstein Sewhooked Harry Potter pattern for the Alice/Jasper Crystal Ball.

Our project gained the attention of Vivian Love of Quilts with Love. Vivian became a Twilight Convert recently (read her blog entry here) because, afterall, who can resist Twilight? Vivian volunteered to donate the batting and quilt the Twilight Quilt.

A few changes were made along the way, but the quilt finished essentially as we planned it. Lisa and Liz had to drop out, but the Edward/Bella Cottage block was reassigned to Shannon. The Lion/Lamb block was substituted for the Wedding Flowers block since Shannon successfully pieced the Edward/Bella Wedding Dance block. Edward's Eyes was changed slightly to make it easier to construct as a 5" block.

The quilt has arrived safely at Quilts with Love. We all can't wait to see it and some of us are even planning a trip to see the finished quilt. It wouldn't be fair that only Elizabeth and Vivian get to see it. We all may finally meet each other.

Stay tuned for more member entries about individual blocks in the quilt like Iris' entry for The Volturi: Clock Tower at Volterra.

June 24, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Quilt: It's Finished, It's Finished

Couldn't wait for Elizabeth to do any posting, had to put up the picture of the finished quilt top!!! Beautiful isn't it!!!! On it's way to Vivian's, can't wait to see the quilting on it!

June 19, 2009

Mystery Quilt Challenge

Hello Coven members. I don't know about you but I've been missing the momentum of the original Twilight Mystery Quilt we all started months ago. I miss the excitement of getting a new pattern every two weeks and the fun of sharing our blocks. So, in that vein I'm going to issue our next TQC project: Finish the Mystery Quilts! And that title is still appropriate since it will be a mystery what everyone comes up with! First of all, to refresh memories, the original Twilight Mystery Quilt patterns can be found at Zeppelin Threads and our individual progress at TMs discussion thread. Zeppelin Threads' pattern is still in limbo but that turned out to be a great opportunity for us to expand our creativity, finding some wonderful paper pieced patterns at Sewhooked; Twilight patterns by Cat Magraith and a myriad of others that have been adapted for our quilts. Some of us also bought or designed other patterns. I will be sharing my Edward's Meadow, Volturi Clock Tower, and Edward's Crystal Heart patterns in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

So, let's give ourselves 10 weeks, till August 31st to finish up the tops! Going by my current design I have 13 "blocks" to finish, not sure how many everyone else has and of course everyone keeps evolving their designs, which makes it so exciting. Every two weeks I'll be asking for progress "reports". It will be easier to continue the discussion on TMs, but please send in photos, ideas, thoughts to our email: twilightquilterscoven@gmail.com and comment on posts over here too. The more input the better!

At the end of the 10 weeks we can all show off our tops and then start the creative "how are we going to quilt this" discussion. I'm hoping we can get input from the talented Vivian Love who is going to quilt our Stephenie quilt. If you haven't checked out her blog Quilts with Love head on over now, she has some lovely work!


June 7, 2009


I'm Angie, one of the newborns around here.

My three children and I moved from Las Vegas to Asheville, North Carolina in February of 2008. We met and married my husband DJ and his two children by August of 2008. Needless to say the last year and a half has been exciting.

I have been quilting for five years. I started quilting because I thought it would be a cheaper and more effective form of therapy than going to a shrink when I was trying to survive a divorce. Well, I was wrong about the cheaper part but dead on about the effective part. I liked it so much that I started a business doing longarm quilting out of my home. With five kids at home, it has become a great way to be productive as well as keep my house in running order. I decided to name it 5 Little Monkeys Quilting in honor of the people who inspired me to make quilting a career.

I had not read or really even knew all that much about Twilight until after it came out on video. I have a friend that is a huge fan and she asked me a few times if I had seen it yet and kept saying "you should, you will love it." So I added it to my Netflix account and didn't think much about it...then it came in the mail. I conned my hubby into watching it with me one night. I thought it was pretty good but even before it was over I remember telling him "I think I will have to read the book because it just seems like there is soooooo much of this story that is missing!" So a couple of days later, I was in the grocery store and there it was on the shelf, calling me (I had no idea thre were about 2600 pages to read). I debated about it for awhile but had been looking for a reason to start reading again and thought it would be a good excuse. And as most Twilighters know, that was only the beginning! I was hooked like a fat kid on cake! I devoured all 4 books in about a week and a half.

I started dreaming about a Twilight quilt (literally, I actually woke up in the middle of the night from dreams about a quilt with bi gmossy green trees and wonderful fog...) so I started designing one and got blocked. I had a great picture in my head but was having a hard time getting it into fabric. So I decided to Google twilight quilt for inspiration and lo and behold whose site do I find, you guessed itthe Twilight Quilters Coven. I thought "Yeah, I am not a TOTAL freak, there are other quilters out there with the same obsession!" So I emailed them and asked if I could play, too, and now I am an official part of the Coven! I have always kind of felt like the youngest quilter in the world, nevermind making a quilt like this, so it was nice to meet not only quilters that are my age but also that think that Twilight is a great lifestyle.

The New Moon quilt is my first project with the group but I hope they keep me around to work on the future quilt, too!

June 6, 2009


Hi everyone! My name is Melissa, but I like to go by Mel (it’s faster to type, anyways!) I am married and have a beautiful little girl. My family and I live across the border, but will be moving to Boston shortly for just a few years. I sew as a past time; being a new mom and a Biologist are 2 full-time jobs!!!

I discovered Twilight when a friend of mine kept pestering me to read the books. I fell in love with them instantly, taking at most 3 days to read each book. I then went on to purchase the movie. I met this lovely group of ladies on Twilight Moms quite by fluke, actually. I was perusing the discussion topics and just happened to see that there was a whole coven dedicated to bringing their love of Twilight and quilting together. I knew I had found a home!

As far as sewing experience goes, I sew for fun. I have done a lot of little projects, from baby clothing to Xmas stockings and table dressings. My biggest projects include my daughter’s christening gown, which I made from my wedding dress, and a total of 4 baby quilts and one queen size quilt. Although I am no expert, I absolutely adore quilting. Come to think of it, I love anything that has to do with creating something from my bare hands, taking scraps and turning them into beautiful works of art. If it were up to me, I would earn my living by cooking and sewing…simultaneously!!!

June 5, 2009

Jerri Lynn

Hi! My name is Jerri Lynn and I am relatively new to both Twilight and quilting, but am totally IN LOVE with both! I just picked up Twilight at Thanksgiving, when my cousin actually took me to the store and put the book in my hands. I quickly devoured all of the books and then found TwilightMoms and the Mystery Quilt. My sewing skills and expertise up to this point has been historical costuming and sewing for my five year old daughter. I have found that I love paper piecing, which is odd after sewing with yards and yards of fabric that I have found joy in working with tiny scraps! I am also enjoying working embroidery into my quilting projects. I love the personal feel that the embroidery gives the blocks. I can't wait to finish up my mystery quilt and see how it will turn out!

My Blocks for SM Quilt:

June 4, 2009


Hello! My name is Wanda which is a Polish name, but I am actually Irish. I have been married to my husband Stu for 30 years and we have two daughters who are grown, graduated from college and married!

I am new to Twilight and sometimes think I may be the oldest fan out there, but I certainly hope not. I first read Twilight in February of 2009. My daughter's friend suggested it to me, but at first I wasn't interested. Another lifelong friend called me one rainy day and asked me if I was curled up with Twilight and again I told her no. Anyway, then I for some reason decided that I would buy the first book just to see what all the hype was about and well you guessed it I was completely "bitten". Before I finished the first book I borrowed the others from my librarian friend,but realized I wanted to own them so I went out and bought the other three. I discovered my hairdresser was in love with Twilight so I didn't have a problem scheduling one of my appts. for 4 weeks out instead of the usual 5 as this meant we could talk more Twilight. My daughter's friend told me about Twilight Moms and that led me to the new friends who wanted to make a quilt for Stephenie Meyer.

I have been sewing and crafting something most of my life. I took Home Economics in high school (back then one semester was required of either sewing or foods) where I first learned to sew. I made lots of my own clothes then, but clothing wasn't my favorite thing to do. I tried home decor projects and later when I had children made costumes and clothing for them. One daughter was a figure skater and the other a dancer so I had a lot of costume work and beading over the years. And of course there was always mending! I took up tole painting, making Christmas ornaments (I still do this) rubber stamping, flower arranging, cooking and baking, collecting, refinishing furniture, container gardening etc. You can do a lot in 30 years of marriage! Almost seven years ago I finally took a quilting class thinking I would make just one quilt! But I found something I really really love to do and now I always have a quilt project in the works and will talk Twilight anytime! However, I still like collecting things. One of my favorite collections is my vintage aprons. I love them for their fabrics and their cute designs. I also collect other vintage linens, hats, teacups, plates and purses. I love hanging out with girlfriends for lunch, shopping and movies.

I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of the quilt for Stephenie Meyer. It certainly was a way to show my appreciation for her book works which have brought me a great deal of pleasure. I think about the characters and their stories all the time. There is a depth there that catches you by surprise and you want to think of it all the time. It all seems so perfectly matched...quilting, friends and Twilight!

My contribution to Stephenie Meyer Quilt:

Motto: Kindness Matters and Life's a Beach

Favorite Quilt Shop: Bearpaws and Hollyhocks

Favorite Quilt Designer: Too many to count

Favorite Quilting Tools: Rotary cutter and my new iron

Favorite Book from Twilight: Eclipse

Team: Edward

June 3, 2009


Hi! I'm Elizabeth. I've been married since 1996 and, Mr. Bug and I have two great kids, Grasshopper who was born in 1999 and LadyBug who was born in 2002. I've been sewing since I was about 8. I started out making shorts and pillowcases and then moved on to making Cabbage Patch Doll clothes from scraps from my mom's fabric stash. I loved making matching outfits for my boy and girl and even made clothes for my friends' dolls for Christmas. I worked at two different fabric stores in High School and I got my first sewing machine (which was replaced in early 2009 after 19 years of devoted service) and my first rotary cutter and mat (both of which I still have and use) at the age of 17. At the time, I used a wooden yardstick to cut my quilt pieces. I was thrilled when I discovered plastic rulers because if I nicked the yardstick, it dulled my cutting blade. I made a dozen or so prom dresses for friends during High School and two wedding dresses, one a few years after High School and one for my brother's fiancé a few years ago. I love to do creative things; gardening, paper crafting -- especially rubber stamping, reading and even cooking, but sewing is my first love.

I first read the Twilight books in September of 2008 and had a pretty strong reaction to them. I was instantly hooked and needed a daily dose of Bella and the Cullens. I combed the web for any bit of Twilight news and eventually landed at TwilightMOMS. It was there that I met Heather Laddick, the owner of the Zeppelin Threads quilt shop. She mentioned that she was planning a Twilight Mystery Quilt and asked if I'd like to join. I jumped at the chance and enjoyed putting together her design, even making a second set of the blocks she provided which I had decided to finish and send to Stephenie Meyer. Because of my intense reaction to her books, I wanted to find a way to let her know how much I enjoyed her writing and admired her personally. Four steps into the six-step Mystery Quilt, Heather had to take a break with the quilt. However, our group on the Mystery Quilt Thread continued to discuss ways to finish the blocks that we'd started. As our discussion progressed, I discovered that I wasn't the only one who had a desire to send Stephenie a quilt. It was suggested that we make a quilt together and I was quickly voted project coordinator, a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed. I love to organize and plan. The women in our group had such wonderful ideas for Twilight themed quilt blocks and with Iris as co-coordinator it was easy to put together a design and get the blocks divided out.

A former member had an idea for a medallion using Catherine Magraith's Forbidden Fruit block. With her OK, I went ahead with putting together a design, creating a paper template from that idea and the rest is history. It was been extremely rewarding to put the energy of my Twilight obsession into such an enormous project. I think our final product is better than any one of us could have done on our own because we each brought something different to the project. I have continued to work on my own Twilight Mystery quilt, which at one point was a true mystery because no one knew how it would turn out. Through the discontinuation of the mystery quilt patterns, a huge opportunity for me to exercise my creative muscles evolved and I am so exited to put together a quilt that at one time was intended for use as a snuggle-up-under-and-read quilt, but has evolved into an add-an-extra-room-onto-the-house-and-build-a-shrine-to-it quilt.

I'd like to send a shout-out to Stephenie Meyer, who chose to change the rules, create her own world and succeeded magnificently!

Motto: When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.

Favorite Quilt Shop: Corn Wagon Quilt Co.

Favorite Quilt Designer: Lori Holt

Favorite Quilting Tools: Omnigrid 4" x 8" Ruler, the Dritz 6" x 8" self-healing mini mat and spray starch -- AWESOME for paper piecing.

Favorite book from the Twilight Series: Breaking Dawn

Team: Switzerland

Blog: Such a Sew and Sew

My blocks in Stephenie's Quilt:
The New Moon Tulips
The Eclipse Ribbon
The Breaking Dawn blocks in the Medallion
Final layout and assembly

My blocks in the New Moon Charity Quilt:
Jacob's Sun
Bella & Jacob's Motorcycles
Bella, Jacob & Mike Newton Go to the Movies
The Wolf Pack
The Proposal

My blocks in the Eclipse Charity Quilt:
Graduation from Forks High
Edward's Bedroom/The Proposal

My blocks in the Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt:
Jacob & Renesmee
The Two Wolf Packs

June 2, 2009


I am the CEO of a family of 4, with two girls, ages 3 & 6. I live in Pleasant Hill, California.

I have always been a book worm and constantly daydreaming and wanting to be creative. I was never good at regular drawing and painting and tried crocheting, cross stitching and stamping. It wasn’t until I met my mother-in-law, an avid quilter who used to hand quilt professionally, that I found quilting 11 yrs ago. I fell in love with the feel of the fabric, the satisfaction of making shapes come alive with so many different textures and colors, the warmth of the final product.

As much as I love fabric and quilting (and paper and scrapbooking), and as much as I devoured Martha Stewart, design and makeover shows, and quilting and scrapbooking shows, I didn’t have very much confidence in myself nor in my artistic abilities. I agonized over simple choices to the point of never really making progress and avoiding my craft room for weeks at a time, not wanting to feel the discouragement when I couldn’t execute the ideas whirling in my head. I embarrassingly considered myself a “wannabe” quilter, not having produced more than a handful of small quilts. Mostly I just shopped and stocked-piled enough tools and fabric to open up my own store!

I discovered Twilight December 2008. I have always read obsessively, immersing myself in the story. And I’ve always had a thing for romantic vampires. But living under a rock so to speak, it wasn’t until the movie was coming out that I even heard about it. On Dec 6th at 9:30 pm I began the whirlwind journey that has forever altered my life. I quickly devoured the whole saga in 5 days, going on to devour every scrap of Stephenie’s website and scour the net for all things Twilight. That wasn’t enough. I had to get the audiobooks to feed my addiction (so far 10 revamps and counting) and my daily news consists of all things Twilight.

The story of Twilight has touched me in so many ways. It is the very best fantasy that my mind could never come up with. It brings out so many feelings of love and compassion and happiness in me that it’s become incorporated in my everyday life. Everything seems to relate to something in the story and I often find myself smiling with about “inside jokes”.

And something about the story of Twilight has awakened the inner Alice in me. Now I rejoice in coming into my craft room and being creative. I haven’t lost my perfectionism, but now I’m more likely to “just do it” and see how it comes out. And if it has to be redone, so be it. I feel liberated, free to make mistakes, to put myself out there and know that I’ll be accepted. I feel the NEED to work on all these ideas whirling in my head. I just feel an inspiration and enthusiasm I’ve never felt before.

And it’s been thrilling to discover a group of friends that I have several common interests with, whom I can bounce ideas off of and learn from.

My blocks for Stephenie's quilt

My Motto: buy it now, you don’t know if you’ll find it later!

Favorite Quilt Shop: the whole internet

Favorite Quilt Designer: Nancy Halvorsen

Favorite Quilt Tools: Bet-a-Seam Ripper, Trolley Needle Thread Controller

Favorite Book from the Twilight Series: Midnight Sun

Team: Team Edward

My blog: TBA

June 1, 2009

Welcome Twilight Quilters

You've read Twilight and probably the entire series. You've seen the movie and are counting the days until New Moon. You may have found an online group like Twilight Moms and joined their forum to stay connected.

Because you're a quilter, you immediately thought about how you could show your love for the books in a quilt. You may have already designed a block, made a quilt, or just searched the Internet for a Twilight quilting group or quilted project.

We'd like to welcome you to the Twilight Quilters Coven blog.

We are a group who met at Twilight Moms in support of another Twilight quilting project. We ares still going strong at Twilight Moms, but a few of us thought it would be fun to have a blog where we could continue to inspire each other with Twilight quilted projects, design, swaps, and accomplishments. The possibilities are endless!