June 5, 2009

Jerri Lynn

Hi! My name is Jerri Lynn and I am relatively new to both Twilight and quilting, but am totally IN LOVE with both! I just picked up Twilight at Thanksgiving, when my cousin actually took me to the store and put the book in my hands. I quickly devoured all of the books and then found TwilightMoms and the Mystery Quilt. My sewing skills and expertise up to this point has been historical costuming and sewing for my five year old daughter. I have found that I love paper piecing, which is odd after sewing with yards and yards of fabric that I have found joy in working with tiny scraps! I am also enjoying working embroidery into my quilting projects. I love the personal feel that the embroidery gives the blocks. I can't wait to finish up my mystery quilt and see how it will turn out!

My Blocks for SM Quilt:

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Anonymous said...

Jerri Lynn, you look different in every picture I see of you (lol :)!). Thanks for sharing bit about yourself!