June 4, 2009


Hello! My name is Wanda which is a Polish name, but I am actually Irish. I have been married to my husband Stu for 30 years and we have two daughters who are grown, graduated from college and married!

I am new to Twilight and sometimes think I may be the oldest fan out there, but I certainly hope not. I first read Twilight in February of 2009. My daughter's friend suggested it to me, but at first I wasn't interested. Another lifelong friend called me one rainy day and asked me if I was curled up with Twilight and again I told her no. Anyway, then I for some reason decided that I would buy the first book just to see what all the hype was about and well you guessed it I was completely "bitten". Before I finished the first book I borrowed the others from my librarian friend,but realized I wanted to own them so I went out and bought the other three. I discovered my hairdresser was in love with Twilight so I didn't have a problem scheduling one of my appts. for 4 weeks out instead of the usual 5 as this meant we could talk more Twilight. My daughter's friend told me about Twilight Moms and that led me to the new friends who wanted to make a quilt for Stephenie Meyer.

I have been sewing and crafting something most of my life. I took Home Economics in high school (back then one semester was required of either sewing or foods) where I first learned to sew. I made lots of my own clothes then, but clothing wasn't my favorite thing to do. I tried home decor projects and later when I had children made costumes and clothing for them. One daughter was a figure skater and the other a dancer so I had a lot of costume work and beading over the years. And of course there was always mending! I took up tole painting, making Christmas ornaments (I still do this) rubber stamping, flower arranging, cooking and baking, collecting, refinishing furniture, container gardening etc. You can do a lot in 30 years of marriage! Almost seven years ago I finally took a quilting class thinking I would make just one quilt! But I found something I really really love to do and now I always have a quilt project in the works and will talk Twilight anytime! However, I still like collecting things. One of my favorite collections is my vintage aprons. I love them for their fabrics and their cute designs. I also collect other vintage linens, hats, teacups, plates and purses. I love hanging out with girlfriends for lunch, shopping and movies.

I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of the quilt for Stephenie Meyer. It certainly was a way to show my appreciation for her book works which have brought me a great deal of pleasure. I think about the characters and their stories all the time. There is a depth there that catches you by surprise and you want to think of it all the time. It all seems so perfectly matched...quilting, friends and Twilight!

My contribution to Stephenie Meyer Quilt:

Motto: Kindness Matters and Life's a Beach

Favorite Quilt Shop: Bearpaws and Hollyhocks

Favorite Quilt Designer: Too many to count

Favorite Quilting Tools: Rotary cutter and my new iron

Favorite Book from Twilight: Eclipse

Team: Edward


Epperson Family said...

You have accomplished a lot in 30 yrs. of marriage. I hope to have done half as well.

Anonymous said...

Wanda, we love having you in our group! You are so sweet! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself!