June 19, 2009

Mystery Quilt Challenge

Hello Coven members. I don't know about you but I've been missing the momentum of the original Twilight Mystery Quilt we all started months ago. I miss the excitement of getting a new pattern every two weeks and the fun of sharing our blocks. So, in that vein I'm going to issue our next TQC project: Finish the Mystery Quilts! And that title is still appropriate since it will be a mystery what everyone comes up with! First of all, to refresh memories, the original Twilight Mystery Quilt patterns can be found at Zeppelin Threads and our individual progress at TMs discussion thread. Zeppelin Threads' pattern is still in limbo but that turned out to be a great opportunity for us to expand our creativity, finding some wonderful paper pieced patterns at Sewhooked; Twilight patterns by Cat Magraith and a myriad of others that have been adapted for our quilts. Some of us also bought or designed other patterns. I will be sharing my Edward's Meadow, Volturi Clock Tower, and Edward's Crystal Heart patterns in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

So, let's give ourselves 10 weeks, till August 31st to finish up the tops! Going by my current design I have 13 "blocks" to finish, not sure how many everyone else has and of course everyone keeps evolving their designs, which makes it so exciting. Every two weeks I'll be asking for progress "reports". It will be easier to continue the discussion on TMs, but please send in photos, ideas, thoughts to our email: twilightquilterscoven@gmail.com and comment on posts over here too. The more input the better!

At the end of the 10 weeks we can all show off our tops and then start the creative "how are we going to quilt this" discussion. I'm hoping we can get input from the talented Vivian Love who is going to quilt our Stephenie quilt. If you haven't checked out her blog Quilts with Love head on over now, she has some lovely work!


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