February 24, 2013

Twilight Saga Charity Quilt: Clock Tower at Volterra

A deep, booming chime echoed through the square. It throbbed in the stones under my feet. . . . I started screaming as I ran.

“Edward!” I screamed, knowing it was useless. The crowd was too loud, and my voice was breathless with exertion. But I couldn't stop screaming.

The clock tolled again.

. . . “Edward, no!” I screamed, but my voice was lost in the roar of the chime.

. . . The clock tolled, and he took a large stride toward the light.

“No!” I screamed. “Edward, look at me!”

He wasn't listening. He smiled very slightly. He raised his foot to take the step that would put him directly in the path of the sun.
–Bella Swan, New Moon, page 449–451

The Clock Tower at Volterra
Designed by Iris and adapted and pieced by Joyce as part of our Give-to-Win Twilight Saga Charity Quilt.

From Joyce:
I started with Iris’ Clock Tower block from New Moon, then watched the DVD a number of times. I decided to make this block similar to hers, but closer. I used the crackle white and brown fabric for the building. The base of the fountain is also the crackle fabric. , I used a blue striated with white fabric to fill the fountain, which looked like water to me. I originally did the fountain statue in the same crackle fabric, but it blended too much with the building, so I remade it in a dark red. I covered it with a sparkly organdy ribbon to make it look like water was falling from the fountain. I used a brighter red for the flags all over the building, and the black we used for most of the quilt in the windows to give some depth. The clock itself is white fabric, and I embroidered the hands so it was getting close to noon. I used a satin stitch to define edges and add some detail. All we need now is for Edward to appear in the doorway!

For every $5 donation to George Mark Children's House, you get one chance to win this quilt. Visit the Twilight Saga Quilt Page for more details.

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Elizabeth said...

Joyce, I love your fabric choices! The blue you used for the water in the Fountain is absolutely perfect! I love all the little details you added; the embroidered hands on the clock, the pretty ribbon for water, the flags. Nicely done!

xo -E

hardhatcat said...

great choice of fabrics. It's turned out to be a rather impressive block. Particularly how you've managed to squeeze so much detail into such a small block :)