February 28, 2013

Twilight Saga Charity Quilt: Bella's Bracelet

[Jacob] turned the bag upside down and shook something silver into my hand. Metal links clinked quietly against each other.

“I didn’t make the bracelet,” he admitted. “Just the charm.”

Fastened to one of the links of the silver bracelet was a tiny wooden carving. I held it between my fingers to look at it closer. It was amazing the amount of detail involved in the little figurine — the miniature wolf was utterly realistic. It was even carved out of some red-brown wood that matched the color of his skin. –Bella Swan, Eclipse, page 374

Bella's Bracelet
Pattern by Cat and pieced by Jerri Lynn as part of our Give-to-Win Twilight Saga Charity Quilt.

From Cat:
I occasionally dabble in a little jewelry making and had made myself a bracelet based on the one that Jacob gave Bella with the wolf charm and then Edward added his diamond heart. I thought if I could make a real one, then I could also make a quilt block too! So I sat down and came up with this design.

For every $5 donation to George Mark Children's House, you get one chance to win this quilt. Visit the Twilight Saga Quilt Page for more details.

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Elizabeth said...

Jerri Lynn, beautiful fabrics, as always! I especially love the red background. It really makes the bracelet show up. Cat, this pattern is another favorite of mine. I love your work!

xo -E

hardhatcat said...

Love the fabrics you used Jerri Lyn. Being so far away i never get so see the compiled quilts in person, so i love seeing all the detail on the finished quilts here