February 26, 2013

Twilight Saga Charity Quilt: I Am Switzerland

I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures.
–Bella Swan, Eclipse, page 143

I Am Switzerland
Pattern by Cat and pieced by Iris; embroidered quote by Jerri Lynn for our Give-to-Win Twilight Saga Charity Quilt.

From Iris:
There's something about this block that I really love. It's simple, but the combination of the sparkliness of the the Fairy Frost, the different textures, and the embroidery really appeal to me. I really loved putting this block together for such a special quilt.

From Cat:
I have been to Switzerland in the past as I have friends there and I noticed that a lot of the towns displayed shields for the country and region more so than flags, so to represent Bella’s “I am Switzerland” stance I created a Swiss Shield pattern. Although I hadn't read Breaking Dawn yet when I designed it, it was a good choice as Bella’s special gift as a vampire was to shield her loved ones, so this is a perfect representation for Bella.

For every $5 donation to George Mark Children's House, you get one chance to win this quilt. Visit the Twilight Saga Quilt Page for more details.

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Elizabeth said...

Iris, I love the fabrics you used! I think Fairy Frost was just the right touch. Cat, this is one of my favorite of your patterns. Jerri Lynn, the embroidery is just right! Nicely done, everyone!

xo -E

hardhatcat said...

Glad you like the pattern!!! Love the use of Fairy Frost for this block and the embroidery quote just finishes it off nicely. It looks great