February 20, 2013

Twilight Saga Charity Quilt: Lion and Lamb

“Isabella.” He pronounced my full name carefully, then playfully ruffled my hair with his free hand. A shock ran through my body at his casual touch. “Bella, I couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you. You don’t know how it’s tortured me.” He looked down, ashamed again. “The thought of you, still, white, cold . . . to never see you blush scarlet again, to never see that flash of intuition in your eyes when you see through my pretenses . . . it would be unendurable.” He lifted his glorious, agonized eyes to mine. “You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever.”

My head was spinning at the rapid change in direction our conversation had taken. From the cheerful topic of my impending demise, we were suddenly declaring ourselves. He waited, and even though I looked down to study our hands between us, I knew his golden eyes were on me.

“You already know how I feel, of course,” I finally said. “I’m here . . . which, roughly translated, means I would rather die than stay away from you.” I frowned. “I’m an idiot.”

“You are an idiot,” he agreed with a laugh. Our eyes met, and I laughed too. We laughed together at the idiocy and sheer impossibility of such a moment.

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb . . . ,” he murmured. I looked away, hiding my eyes as I thrilled to the word.

“What a stupid lamb,” I sighed.

“What a sick, masochistic lion.”

–Edward Cullen & Bella Swan, Twilight, page 273–274

Lion and Lamb
Roaring Lion pattern by Linda Hibbert and pieced by Iris; Lamb pattern by Four Twin Sisters and pieced by Nicole as part of our Give-to-Win Twilight Saga Charity Quilt.

From Iris:
This lion is the same pattern that was used for the Stephenie Meyer quilt in 2009. I'd admired it since I first saw it and was very excited to give it a try. Originally I intended to use this in my personal Twilight quilt, but when the call for another charity quilt came, I felt it fitting to donate the lion to this cause. Having small children myself, any cause that benefits children is close to my heart.

For every $5 donation to George Mark Children's House, you get one chance to win this quilt. Visit the Twilight Saga Quilt Page for more details.

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Elizabeth said...

Iris, beautiful job, as always! I love the fabrics you used.

xo -E

hardhatcat said...

Lovely work :)