February 21, 2012

Stephenie Meyer Quilt: Vampire Baseball

[Edward] led me a few feet through the tall, wet ferns and draping moss, around a massive hemlock tree, and w were there, on the edge of an enormous open field in the lap of the Olympic peaks. It was twice the size of any baseball stadium. . . . Farther out I could see Jasper and Alice, at least a quarter of a mile apart, appearing to throw something back and forth, but I never saw any ball. It looked like Carlisle was marking bases, but could they really be that far apart? –Bella Swan, Twilight, page 367

Elizabeth designed this block {pattern available here} and it was pieced by Wanda.

From Wanda:
While looking for fabric for another project I had the good fortune of finding the miniture forest fabric which I used for the background. It totally gave the feeling of the baseball field as being the clearing in the middle of a wooded area just like in the book and movie. And while the vampires didn't have a perfect baseball field in the traditional sense this pieced field takes the looker right away to that part of the story. For some reason I never could get the home plate exactly perfect although I tried several times, but in the end there is no doubt it is vampire baseball! And just to complete it I found baseball and bat buttons. At first I thought I would appliqué a bat and ball but the buttons were perfect and looked the best to me. I loved making this block.


Elizabeth said...

Wanda, you did a beautiful job. And I'm sure it was the pattern and not you that make home plate come out not quite right ;). Love that foresty fabric and those cute little buttons! Thank you so much for the special touch you add to our quilts!

xo -E

Iris said...

I really like the buttons. Gives it more depth than applique would have done.