September 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: The Egyptian Coven

It seemed an unlikely grouping—though the Egyptians all looked so alike, with their midnight hair and olive-toned pallor, that they easily could have passed for a biological family. Amun was the senior member and the outspoken leader. Kebi never strayed farther away from Amun than his shadow, and I never heard her speak a single word. Tia, Benjamin's mate, was a quiet woman as well, though when she did speak there was great insight and gravity to everything she said. Still, it was Benjamin whom they all seemed to revolve around, as if he had some invisible magnetism the others depended upon for their balance. I saw Eleazar staring at the boy with wide eyes and assumed Benjamin had a talent that drew the others to him.

“It's not that,” Edward told me when we were alone that night. “His gift is so singular that Amun is terrified of losing him. Much like we had planned to keep Renesmee from Aro's knowledge”—he sighed—“Amun has been keeping Benjamin from Aro's attention. Amun created Benjamin, knowing he would be special.”

“What can he do?”

“Something Eleazar's never seen before. Something I've never heard of. Something that eve your shield would do nothing against.” He grinned his crooked smile at me. “He can actually influence the elements—earth, wind, water, and fire. True physical manipulation, no illusion of the mind. Benjamin's still experimenting with it, and Amun tries to mold him into a weapon. But you see how independent Benjamin is. He won't be used.”
–Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, page 609-610
Design and piecing by Nicole

I loved doing this block, but it's probably because I can relate to Benjamin. I knew that I needed a pyramid, so I took a picture of one and created a paper piecing template to follow. I used rock fabrics for Benjamin's control of the natural elements, and the sandy fabric to represent the arid desert.


Elizabeth said...

Nicole, nicely done! I love the colors in your fabrics. Great representation!

xo -E

Joyce said...

This is a great block! I hadn't seen the pyramid door before (the other picture I had was too small). Now my creative brain is spinning picturing a possible vampire home inside and all the possibilities!!
Anyway, I love the rock material and the sand. Great choices!

coley said...

Thanks guys!! Yea, I need to learn how to take better pictures when posting on FB.

Beth said...

I missed the door before too! Love that you worked in the elements with rocks, but we knew you would! =)

Wanda said...

Impressed made your own pattern! Terrific! Smart of you in your design and choice of fabrics. I think its great!

Iris said...

how did you get it to look 3D when the rock fabric is the same on both sides?! looks great!