September 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: Eggs

“Do you know how many eggs you’ve gone through in the last week?” He pulled the trash bin out from under the sink—it was full of empty blue cartons.” –Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn page 111

Design and piecing by Kate

This was the most challenging block I have done, by far. But I love the subject and when I found the blue carton-fabric, I knew exactly how I wanted it to look. I think I broke every quilting “rule” on this one, but it was the result that mattered. It is a combination of piecing and appliqué.


Joyce said...

I think this block is great, and I love how much it looks like an egg carton! You did a wonderful job (and quilting 'rules' are made to be broken!)

Elizabeth said...

Kate, I love your fabrics on this block, especially the egg-carton blue. What a great block! It is just perfect!

xo -E

Beth said...

Beautiful job! And I agree about the rules. Evolution in skills and technique doesn't happen without pushing the conventional.