September 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: Isle Esme

“Bella, look there.” [Edward] pointed straight ahead.

I saw only blackness at first, and the moon's white trail across the water. But I searched the space where he pointed until I found a low black shape breaking into the sheen of moonlight on the waves. As I squinted into the darkness, the silhouette became more detailed. The shape grew into a squat, irregular triangle, with one side trailing longer than the other before sinking into the waves. We drew closer, and I could see the outline was feathery, swaying to the light breeze.

And then my eyes refocused and the pieces all made sense: a small island rose out of the water ahead of us, waving with palm fronds, a beach glowing pale in the light of the moon.

“Where are we?” I murmured in wonder while he shifted course, heading around to the north end of the island.

He heard me, despite the noise of the engine, and smiled a wide smile that gleamed in the moonlight.

“This is Isle Esme.”
-Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, pages 77-78

Design and piecing by Cat

I wanted to create a very tropical feel for this block. The house is supposed to be white with large windows and looks out onto the beach. I tried to capture this with the block and added the palm trees lend to the tropical feel of this block.

Originally I was going to piece a dolphin in the water but was pressed for time so found this lovely dolphin fabric instead. I managed to fussy cut the dolphin fabric to get some of the waves crashing on the beach as well as the dolphins playing in the water. I am pleased with the overall feel of the block and the dolphin fabric ended up working out really well, even if it wasn't what I originally had in mind.


Elizabeth said...

Cat, this block is absolutely amazing! I love the fabric you used for the sky and the sun. And that dolphin fabric is so perfect. What a perfect representation. Love it!

xo -E

Joyce said...

So beautiful! I think it looks perfect for a honeymoon!

Beth said...

I just learned something new: fussy cut! That's exactly what I did for the background of the cottage, but just didn't know it was called that. I'm horrible at the technical terms. I love your fabric selections - the simple tan for the sand, the palm fronds and bark, the turquoise blue tropical sky and even the roof to be tiled!

Wanda said...

I add my words of agreement to the above! Really really nice!

hardhatcat said...

thanks everyone - i enjoyed this block :)