February 2, 2010

TQC Exchange: Wanda's gift from Cat

Related by Wanda on January 20:

It's here! My secret exchange gift is here and it is FUN AND FABULOUS, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Okay, let me just say thank you right off the bat to Cat for my wonderful box of goodies! Okay first off, the weather was so bad that I put off going to the mail box today and even thought I might just let Pere de Mer get it when he came home, but the rain let up and I decided the fresh air would do me good. And I got more than fresh air! Of course, I saw the country of origin right away and practically ran back to the house so I could get the box open! I love packages in the mail! Love to send them and love to get them! Cat wrote me a lovely card with of course the varigated tulip on the front, and then there was some sparkly Edward fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just today told my daughter that when she goes to Mary Jo's again that I will need a little more of that white sparkle fabric. Thank you! The next thing I unwrapped was a Twilight pin and matching earrings. They are made of buttons! Really cute. The earrings are apples! And then there is a choker with the Cullen Crest and a stretchy bracelet with a crystal heart for Edward and a disc that looks like Jacob's tattoo! Cat, the bracelet fits perfectly! And all of these were in little star drawstring bags. And there are Australian landscape cards. I love them. I'm crazy about jewelry and stationery! Last year I got an upright furniture style jewelry box where I can lay everything out and just open and decide as I get dressed. I think I will devote one of the empty drawers to just my Twilight jewels! Oh almost forgot and there was a key ring that says I [heart] Twilight. Thank you so much Cat. I love it all. I am very touched with the handmade things. Really fun and well done! Thank you so much! I'm spoiled.

I set up my treasures from Cat on the fabric she sent and in the upper right corner is the card and underneath is a stack of cards she gave also! You can see the key chain too and the cute little star bags she put everything in!

A note from Cat on how she created the Quileutte bead.
I managed to find some plain flat wooden beads ages ago. To make them, I just coloured the background and using PVA glue, stuck on a [computer] printout of the tattoo. It took a while to get [the printout] at the right size! I then put a seal over the whole lot and voilá! A Quiluette Wolf Pack bead is born!

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Elizabeth said...

Cat, I love all of your creative gifts -- handmade adds such a personal, thoughtful touch. Wanda, I especially love the 'window display' photo! Thanks for sharing!