February 2, 2010

TQC Exchange: Angie's gift from Mel

Posted by Angie on January 26:

My exchange gift came!!!! I got a note in the mail box yesterday and started cheering then. So this morning I went to the post office first thing. I even ended up being late for my quilt guild meeting because I HAD to sit in the post office parking lot opening everything! I had a clue who it was from with the customs stuff all in French... I felt so 'international and exotic' LOL. I got some canadian maple flavored coffee (which may have to be desert tonight), some really cute lollies; one apple and two flowers. Some Scent of Twilight lotion and body spray (yes I already smell like it and it is fabulous...they both 'smell like me'). A scrabble tile necklace charm with 'Twilight Mom' on it. Some flat head sewing pins (which are my favorite style) and to go with those pins a wonderful handmade pin cushion in the shape of a suit case with 'customs stickers' on them with all the places Bella went to and the best destination is the one that the current tag says, 'Isle Esme.' I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Thank you Melly!!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Mel, what a fun collection of things you put together for Angie! I especially love the little suitcase pin cushion!