February 2, 2010

TQC Exchange: Mel's gift from Wanda

Reported by Mel on January 23:

SQUEAL OF JOY!!! I received my exchange package on Friday from my not-so-secret-anymore buddy MAMA WANDA! Here's what it was:

A gorgeous handmade Twilighty purse, which I am using to stash my take-along crafts (so far, knitting needles and yarn and x-stitching floss). It looks smaller than it is; inside it's huge! And I love it!!! So I open the package up and find all sortsa goodies, including these very fab Edward and Jacob New Moon pens. They came in a gorgeous case too! And, "after shopping mints" which are so cute. (I ate a third of the pack already...but then again, I DID go grocery shopping...) I got a FQ of beautiful green Fairy Frost. It's so pretty, I'm afraid of cutting it up! And a really pretty orange-and-gold fabric, which will be so pretty as the fairy's hair on DD's quilt! Lets see... oh yeah! And I saw a box of chocolates...or so I though! It's a chocolate calendar, with diffferent facts about chocolate every day! So fun!!!!!! There was also a yummy rosy all organic lip gloss that tastes like berries. And last but not least, tied to the strap of the beautiful purse, a bracelet!!!! I thought at first it was a Jacob-Edward bracelet, but upon closer inspection, it's ALL EDWARD!!!! There's a lion, the Cullen's crest, and an E charm on it. It was all beautifully wrapped in polka dot paper with a black velour ribbon. (I took a picture of it wrapped, but erased it by mistake.)

The image is a bit fuzzy... You can see the green fabirc to the left and the orange on to the right under the purse. (which is so fab!!! I can't believe Wanda made this for me!!!) I also put the little cards Wanda wrote by hand for me (that would be the red cards).

Close up of my awesome goodies!

This is self-taken picture of my otherwise normal right wrist, enhanced and made beautiful by the Edward bracelet.


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Elizabeth said...

Mel, the Edward bracelet does indeed enhance your wrist and make it beautiful. Wanda, I love the fabrics, both the FQ's and the fabrics in the bag. What a fun gift!