February 2, 2010

TQC Exchange: Jerri Lynn's gift from Angie

Posted by Jerri Lynn on January 25:

Angie, I got my present on Saturday! Ladies, she absolutely spoiled me!!!! I have to tell you what happened when it got here. Apparently it arrived while I was gone on Saturday and the postman left it on my porch. I park in the garage, so I didn't even know it was there. Well, our exchange student goes to go out on Saturday night and tells me there's a package for me. I let out an excited squeal and my husband (who has an extreme aversion to all things Twilight) grabs the box and TAKES OFF WITH IT! He and my friend then determine to play keep away with this enormous box with me running in hot pursuit all around the house after them! (Not my finest moment, but it was fun!) I finally got it away from them and opened it to find this wonderful pillow, lunchbox, tons of fabric, a container of thread conditioner (which I am excited to try), a musical Edward card, and this really sweet note. I feel loved and throughly spoiled!

Thank you Angie! You're awesome!

Here is my awesome Edward lunchbox, totally stuffed to overflowing with fabric!

And I LOVE this pillow! It's wonderfully squishy, and beautiful!

Again, Angie, you spoiled me!!!!


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Angie that is a really fun pillow -- I love all the fabrics you used. What a fun gift! Jerri Lynn, I loved hearing about its arrival at your house!