February 2, 2010

TQC Exchange: Joyce's Gift from Iris

From Joyce on January 19:

I got a package today!!!!!!!! Iris, Thank you so much!!!! She sent some Steam-a-Seam 2, a white disappearing ink pen (which I actually desperately needed), a sweet note, and Twilight Candleholders and candles. She used each book cover and a fun quote to decorate the votive holders, and each candle scent represents something TS related (Edward, Bella, Forks, and Isle Esme). It's too bad we don't have scratch and sniff posts! They smell delicious!


Elizabeth said...

Iris, those votive holders are so creative and I love that you put the book covers on them. Love the little sayings on the back, too! Joyce -- scratch and sniff posts! You have the best sense of humor. I'm always chuckling over something you've said!

Linda said...

Love the way your Votives look,I'd love to know How did you did them if you have a chance??
I'm Ah-h-h*It'sLove on the Forums if it's easier to IM me there. :)