October 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: The Hybrids

“Nahuel, you are one hundred and fifty years old?” [Aro] questioned.

“Give or take a decade,” he answered in a clear, beautifully warm voice. His accent was barely noticeable. “We don't keep track.”

“And you reached maturity at what age?”

“About seven years after my birth, more or less, I was full grown.”

“You have not changed since then?”

Nahuel shrugged. “Not that I've noticed.”

I felt a shudder tremble through Jacob's body. I didn't want to think about this yet. I would wait till the danger was past and I could concentrate.

“And your diet?” Aro pressed, seeming interested in spite of himself.

“Mostly blood, but some human food, too. I can survive on either.”

“You were able to create an immortal?” As Aro gestured to Huilen, his voice was abruptly intense. I refocused on my shield; perhaps he was seeking a new excuse.

“Yes, but none of the rest can.”

A shocked murmur ran through all three groups.

Aro's eyebrows shot up. “The rest?”

“My sisters.” Nahuel shrugged again.
–Aro, Nahuel and Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, page 736-737

Design and piecing by Joyce

The Hybrids are a combination of Vampires and Humans, so the fabrics are a combination of plain and sparkly or shimmering. Since there may be Hybrids throughout the world, I thought they would have a variety of skin tones. The fabrics on the top half have sparkles or a satin shimmer to them. The fabrics on the bottom are plain. I liked the idea of having them on the diagonal to give it more interest. The drop of blood in the center brings it all together.

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Elizabeth said...

Joyce, this block is so beautiful! I love the different colors you chose to represent skin tones. And the drop of blood really does tie it all together. This block is really a great representation of the hybrids. Nicely done!

xo -E