October 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: Bella's Transformation

Edward had a syringe in his hand—all silver, like it was made from steel.

“What's that?”

. . . He shoved the needle straight into her heart.

“My venom,” he answered as he pushed the plunger down.
–Jacob Black and Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn, page 354

The warmth beside my heart got more and more real, warmer and warmer. Hotter. The heat was so real it was hard to believe that I was imagining it.


Uncomfortable now. Too hot. Much, much too hot.

. . . The burning grew—rose and peaked and rose again until it surpassed anything I'd ever felt.
–Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, page 375

Design and piecing by Jerri Lynn

This block was meant to represent Bella's transformation. We hear over and over again in the books that the transformation process is like being eaten up by flames. So, I started with the flames. This is one of the first times I have ever made a block using appliqué, so I was a bit nervous. I created the flames using different colors of fabric, but then thought it needed more, so I added this great medium I picked up at a quilt show to give the flames some shimmer.

You can't have a transformation without venom, and for vampires this means the bite. I wanted to avoid the traditional biting imagery and focus on Edward's unique way of saving Bella's life, hence the syringe.

I am very happy with this block and hope you enjoy it!


Elizabeth said...

Jerri Lynn, this block is absolutely amazing! I love every aspect of it. The flames are amazing (recognize that red fabric ;), and the syringe is just perfect! Great representation! You did a wonderful job!

xo -E

joyce said...

I think this block is beautiful! I love the details you included and the reality of the flames!