March 7, 2012

Stephenie Meyer Quilt: The “Other” Jacob

“Do you think you could behave yourself a little better, at least?” I asked, irritated.

“No, I don't. You decide, Bella. You can have me the way I am — bad behavior included — or not at all.”

I stared at him, frustrated. “That's mean.”

“So are you.”

–Bella Swan and Jacob Black, Eclipse, page 329

Welcome to paper piecing! This was the first paper piecing pattern I tried. It was designed by Jennifer Ofenstein and can be found at Fandom In Stitches. I don't remember how many 'practice pieces' I did, but there were quite a few. (Many only made it a few steps before going in the scrap pile!) The other quilters were a huge help as I learned. I was so excited to see the picture taking shape as I pieced. It was like putting together a puzzle! I loved the starry blue fabric and had to use it. For the wolf, I looked through and tried various fabrics to get what I pictured as 'Jacob russet.' This is one of my favorite patterns.


Elizabeth said...

Joyce, your fabric choices were absolutely perfect for this block! You found the absolute perfect Jacob russett and the sky is beautiful! Love this block!

xo -E

Iris said...

I adore all the fabrics on this block! You did a fabulous job!