January 4, 2010

Stephenie Meyer Quilt: The Quilt is in the Mail

The Piece, Love, Twilight quilt has been shipped to Stephenie Meyer. Finally! The hitch is that it isn't going directly to Stephenie. It has to make a stop at her publisher's in New York before it is forwarded to Stephenie. We hoped that we might present the quilt in person to Stephenie, trying every avenue possible. We even made a very last minute attempt to get on the Oprah show when she was on so we could give it to her there. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. So it is going by route of the United States Postal System. Stephenie's publicist, who is very kind and quick to get back to me, assured me that she will make sure the quilt gets to Stephenie. So, we're all crossing our fingers that nothing happens to it in transit.

Here are a few last pictures of the quilt before it was sent. This is the quilt label on the back of the quilt. It has the signature of each of the nine of us who worked on the quilt as well as a list of each contributor's quilt blocks. I just noticed that it says we presented it in 2009. Oops!

Here is a section of hanging loops which go across the top of the quilt. They lay flat against the quilt back, so if she chooses not to hang the quilt, they won't be in the way. Sorry about the photo quality.
Iris put together a little scrapbook to include with the quilt. This is the front cover.

Inside the front cover is a picture of the quilt and the top part of the quilt label. Each page after that features one of our group members with pictures of her contribution. Behind the pictures is a pocket where a letter from that person to Stephenie Meyer was included if that person chose to write one.

I also included this letter of introduction:

To our beloved author, Stephenie Meyer, we, the members of the Twilight Quilter’s Coven, present this quilt, Piece, Love, Twilight.

This quilt was created by nine women who had (at the time) never met in person. We met on-line at TwilightMOMS.com. We coordinated the design via discussions in threads and private messages at TwilightMOMS. Pieces of this quilt were completed in Australia, California, Utah, Colorado, Ohio and New Jersey and mailed to Utah for assembly. The machine quilting was completed in California and the finished quilt was displayed at quilt shows in Utah and California. We shared ideas and stories and fabrics and became friends as we united to create a work of art for one of the most inspirational women in our lives. Thank you, Stephenie Meyer.

The Stephenie Meyer quilt, Piece, Love, Twilight, received an award for best group quilt at the Utah quilt show. The prize money of $100 was donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, the official charity of TwilightMOMS. In addition, our group made a New Moon quilt, which was auctioned off in conjunction with the New Moon Movie release. The quilt sold for $850, all of which was donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. You can read more about our adventures at www.twilightquilterscoven.blogspot.com.

Cat, Elizabeth, Iris, Jean, Jerri Lynn, Joyce, Shannon, Vivian, Wanda

Here is the quilt ready for mailing, neatly folded and put in a plastic bag for protection.

I didn't have the right size box at home, so I went to the Post Office to get one and meant to take a picture of it all boxed up and ready to ship, but it completely slipped my mind. I even thought of having the postal worker behind the counter pose with the box for me so I could take a picture of that too, but I was so focused on getting the quilt carefully packaged and on its way that I forgot. In any case, it has been properly insured, with delivery confirmation and so we'll be holding our breath until we know it has reached Stephenie's Publicist. After that, it is out of our hands.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your hard work to get this off to Stephanie!
Jerri Lynn

whimsyfox said...

Yay! It's good to finally have it on it's way. I hope we do get confirmation that she got it! Thanks for all the hard work Elizabeth.