January 27, 2010

The Coven is published!

I was contacted in November by one of the co-editors of Quilter's Home Magazine interested in writing an article about our group/blog. The article is now in their February/March 2010 issue! When she called to do the interview she woke me up so I'm not sure exactly what I told her! ;) I should note there are a couple of errors, such as those are't roses they are parrot tulips (as us obsessed fans well know), and there's only one member of our coven in Canada. And the article does not mention that a couple of the ladies that contributed to Piece, Love, Twilight are not active members, and we have two newer members not mentioned in the article, Melly and Angie who joined us when we were starting on the New Moon charity quilt. I'm a little miffed that they put a macabre looking vampire with fangs on the article since REAL vampires don't have fangs ;), but I guess it illustrates the "Bitten" title. She wanted a photo of the Coven members, but since we haven't all met in person and don't have a group picture......we will definitely have to remedy that some day!


hardhatcat said...

This is just fantastic!!!

Elizabeth said...

Reading the article here is one thing (a pretty cool thing), but when I picked up my copy at Barnes and Noble, I had a 'surreal' moment seeing something I worked on, my photograph of it and my name in print as one of the contributors was quite a cool feeling! Yay for us!