September 13, 2009

New Moon Quilt: Happy Birthday Bella!

Bella's Birthday Cake by Iris

Looks good enough to eat, but like the Cullens (and Bella for that matter), we wont be digging into this lovely confectionery creation. Made of fabric, ribbon, and silk flowers, and standing at 15" tall, my version of Bella's Birthday cake is part of the lovely New Moon quilt that will be up for auction at the THE NEW MOON EXPERIENCE put on by TwilightMOMs and EventsbyAlice NOV 19th & 20th for the premier in Salt Lake City! The auction proceeds will be going to Alex's Lemonade Stand, the official TwilightMOMs charity.

And if you want to get yourself or that special someone a special gift in honor of Bella's birthday today, the tickets to THE NEW MOON EXPERIENCE are 20% off. Just follow the link above!

I wanted to stay true to the books, and yet loved the movie version of the cake, so this is a hybrid of the two....3 tiered with "fondant" strips, fresh flowers, and a shinny name topper, but pink, pink, and more pink as only Alice can do!



Amy said...

Absolutely perfect! I love the way you combined the movie and book version of the cake. I personally cringe every time I see the movie cake because it doesn't match the surrounding decorations. But you have resolved that beautifully. I am going to try to picture your creation when I watch the movie. Really,really exquisite work!

Anonymous said...

Love this block - simply scrumptous!

Julie said...

I am constantly amazed at the work you ladies do! SO beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Iris, it definitely looks good enough to eat! You did a spectacular job! This block 'takes the cake!'