September 2, 2009

Elizabeth's Mystery Quilt Challenge Update, part II

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last update! I really appreciate it! I decided after I last posted that I needed to get my layout set so that I could move forward. I needed to move Isle Esme and Bella & Edward's wedding dance and add a few blocks in. I carefully debated over where to put each block because I wanted to maximize the space I had allotted, putting the most key parts of the books in to my quilt. I drew my layout on grid paper and then took it to a copy shop and had them scan it. For some reason, the program I usually use to edit my pictures wouldn't work with the file and so I tried out the little "edit" button in the Microsoft picture viewing window for the first time ever. I discovered a really cool tool -- "Paint." I spiffied up my design and while trying to figure out how to crop out the extra grid paper, came across instructions for importing pictures into my current file. I was so impressed with Shannon & her EQ mock-up of the New Moon Quilt that I decided to give it a try. What do you know? I figured it out (still don't know how to crop, though). Click on the image of my layout for a bigger view, filled in with blocks I have completed so far.

You might have noticed that I have an empty 4" x 6" block in the Eclipse area. I'm not sure what to put there. A Jacob sun? A tree (I'm not sure if I have enough of those)? I also wonder if I should cut one of the Vegetarian Vampire squares, move the Lion and the Lamb up to right end of the top row, scoot Vampire Baseball and Charlie over and then add a square of trees next to Jacob's house or maybe a block with a cake and presents. Suggestions?

As for Isle Esme, I have decided that I'm going to do another house that is just a little bit wider, with square windows on both sides of the door. I might try out a different fabric for the roof and maybe for the house as well. I am also going to make the horizon uneven. It looks OK as it is, but will look a little better when it is crooked on purpose instead of accidentally being crooked while trying to be straight.

While this is a project that keeps getting put aside for more pressing things, and each block is very time consuming, I am determined to finish it!


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