July 15, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Quilt: Quilt Show Update

I am pleased to announce that the Stephenie Meyer Quilt has been judged as Best Group Quilt in the 36th Annual Quilt show at the Springville Museum of Art!

I attended and accepted the ribbon for the Best Group Quilt at tonight's special award presentation and preview show. 19 of the 20 awards were presented tonight (The Viewer's Choice award will be awarded at the close of the show, see details below). After the ribbons were presented to the winners, each of us got the privilege of hanging the ribbon next to our quilts! In addition to the beautiful blue ribbon, we were awarded a $100 cash prize. The nine of us involved in making this quilt have decided to donate the money to charity.

The awards presented tonight were:
Best of Show, Director's Award, Best Hand Quilting, Artistic Impression (2), Best Hand Applique, Artistic Design, Best Machine Quilting, Visual Impact, Machine Quilting & Embellishment, Flawless Workmanship (2), Creativity & Combined Techniques, Best Use of Color, Best Machine Piecing (you should see this one), Fabric Selection, Machine Piecing, Best Group Quilt (that's us!) and Fine Applique.

Here is a shot of the quilt and ribbon, as displayed at the museum.

The Stephenie Meyer Quilt will be on display from July 17th through September 2nd. During the run of the show, those in attendance will have a chance to vote for their favorite quilt of the 91 quilts on display and the Viewer's Choice award will be given at the close of the show.



Amy said...

Congratulations!! I'm going to try and get down to Springville and see the quilt in person- it's amazing!


Vivian Love said...

Congratulations ladies! Thanks for letting me help you! Vivian

zina.clark said...

Awesome! Now Stephanie will be receiving an award-winning quilt, and you should be proud. As a side note, I received my Connecting Threads mag yesterday, and they are showcasing their new "Twilight Frost" line. It looks hauntingly familiar, like the scene where Bella tells Edward she knows what he is (hawt!)

Epperson Family said...

love the quilt. I am a novice quilter, and a twilight mom. I would love to join your quilters coven, if you on take newbeeies.
thanks -Wolfmom