July 4, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Quilt: Piece, LOVE, Twilight

We've just received word from Vivian that she is feverishly working on the Twilight Quilt and is still on schedule to deliver to Elizabeth!

I've been working round the clock to be able to get the Twilight SM quilt done. I have been very busy with family events...namely lots of company at my house and getting my son ready for his 2 yr mission to New Zealand. But it's just about finished and I WILL be taking it to Utah next week with me to deliver it to Elizabeth!!! I will be posting pictures and a story when I get back. I've been taking pictures throughout the entire, wonderful process. You ladies absolutely amaze me. The attention to detail, fabric selection, tiny detailed stitches, embellishments, etc. I can tell so much love and thoughtfulness has gone into every single block. It has been such an honor to work on such a wonderful work of art. Now back to quilting...take care, Twilight Moms!

Her message above was posted on our A Quilt for Stephenie Meyer thread at Twilight Moms.

This is amazing news!

The quilt is definitely true to it's name: Piece, LOVE, Twilight.


katiejo2324 said...

Hi! I love the Twilight quilt SO much! It's gorgeous! I was wondering what fabric will be used for the backing of the quilt?

Elizabeth said...

The backing of the quilt is the same black swirl fabric that is used throughout the medallion center and borders, with a square of the red that is used for the sashing between the medallion pieces and around the individual blocks. The binding will also be in this red.