November 4, 2011

Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt: Cravings

“Bella, love, we're going to ask you to do something monstrous,” [Edward] said, using the same adjectives he'd offered me. “Repulsive.”

Well, at least he was giving it to her straight.

She took a shallow, fluttery breath. “How bad?”

Carlisle answered. “We think the fetus might have an appetite closer to ours than to yours. We think it's thirsty.”

She blinked. “Oh. Oh.

“Your condition—both of your conditions—are deteriorating rapidly. We don't have time to waste, to come up with more palatable ways to do this. The fastest way to test the theory—”

“I've got to drink it,” she whispered. She nodded slightly—barely enough energy for a little head bob. “I can do that. Practice for the future, right?” Her colorless lips stretched into a faint grin as she looked at Edward. He didn't smile back.
–Jacob Black, Breaking Dawn, page 242

Pieced by Angie

I have wanted to do this block for a long time so when we got to the planning stages of this quilt I was doing the "me me me" dance when we were picking who was going to do this block. I have to say this part of the book gave me the heebies, I think that is why I wanted to do it.

When we saw the Glee Slushy block on Jennifer's site I knew it was perfect. Then when I dragged my husband to this AWESOME fabric store while we were on our Anniversary weekend trip in Tennessee back in August, this red sparkly bolt literally jumped off the shelf and flopped around in front of me. I also picked up a great black with gold filigree stuff on it for the background but alas, it just didn't work in the block. I felt like it was too dark so it got nixed. Instead, I rummaged through my batik stash and came up with this great swirly beige. To have some depth and shading in the top part (and I was hoping to make a sort of lid look), I used the back side of the red fabric that is in the cup. The last touch to this block is the 'Starbucks' green straw. I dug around for what seemed like an hour in my scrap bucket to find this green but I am glad I did.

That's all I can really say about this block, I hope you like it as much as I liked making it. ;)


Joyce said...

Creepy and beautiful all at the same time!! I love this part of the story and think your block is great!

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE that swirly background. And the red is fantastic. This block is right on the nose! Great job.

xo -E